Short Blog Posts

Starting a blog. Something I thought I’d never do.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog but never seemed to find the time. Always busy with life, busy with work. However, it seems this is exactly the reason to have a blog.

Everyone is too busy. Busy with life, busy with work, busy trying to find solutions to their problems. Life is full of problems. Every time I run into one, inevitably, a solution is also found.

It is my goal to share my experiences in the form of short blog posts. The posts are short because time is precious, my goal is to save your time, not waste it reading the nonsense that you’ve read a thousand times.

On that note,

Enough fluff, let’s get started.


I’m Jess Dietrich, a young Canadian entrepreneur with a busy schedule. My goal is to lessen your load by teaching you the things I learn along the way.